Fresh Norwegian salmon by sea to the United State

Norwegian salmon producer Sinkaberg-Hansen AS, using technology developed by San Francisco based BluWrap, has shipped fresh Norwegian salmon to the United States by ship. The BluWrap technology is using a natural conservation of fresh protein. By packing and sealing using this technology, oxygen is replaced by a modified mixture of natural gasses already present in the product.

A shipment of fresh salmon by sea is expected to take about two weeks from Norway to the US east coast. The fish is kept below zero degrees Celsius during the transportation. Each individual package is monitored.

It has been documented that fresh salmon was kept fresh for 20 days using BluWrap and this can be compared to similar products kept on ice for three days.

Moving from air freight to sea will have significant impact on the environmental impact of transporting salmon to the markets.

It is feasible that fresh Norwegian salmon shipped by trucks to European ports and then sent by ship across the Atlantic can reach the US east coast within 14 days. In addition to the environment advantages, this opens for much larger volumes of fresh salmon exported to the United States.

Tor-Eddie Fossbakk