10 Myths about U.S. Marine Aquaculture

NOAA Fisheries logoNot all aquaculture is created equal, but aquaculture in the United States operates within one of the most comprehensive regulatory environments in the world.  Projects that are sited in U.S. waters must meet a suite of federal, state, and local regulations that ensure environmental protection, water quality, food safety, and protection of public health.


10. The U.S. doesn’t need aquaculture
  9. Aquaculture uses more wild fish than it produces
  8. Farmed fish isn’t safe to eat
  7. Farmed fish are contaminated
6. Farmed salmon is full of harmful “color-added” dyes
5. Farmed fish are full of harmful antibiotics
4. Fish waste from netpen aquaculture harms the ecosystem
3. Aquaculture causes diseases in wild fish
2. Farmed salmon are full of sea lice
1. Farmed fish and shellfish doesn’t taste as good

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