Norway ponders producing GM salmon


Photo: Tor-Eddie Fossbakk/ACG

NorwayThe Norwegian Biotechnology Council is considering whether to approve the method of producing a genetically modified type of salmon, newspaper Aftenposten reported.

The method, which was developed by researchers from the Institute of Marine Research in Bergen three years ago, implies “editing” the genes of salmon eggs so that the fish does not develop reproductive cells.

As this procedure is considered a genetic modification, it requires special approval by the Norwegian law. However, Swedish authorities have allowed similar methods for use on plants without the requirement that the product must be labelled as genetically modified.

According to Anna Wargelius, the genealogist whose team developed the method, the new salmons “taste as good as ordinary salmon and will not be able to spawn with wild salmon if they escape (fish farms).”

The researchers believe that the sterile salmon could help solve one of aquaculture’s problems: farmed salmon going astray.

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