Ocean Farm 1 – the world’s first offshore fish farm

2017-0411 Ocean Farm Salmar GroupOcean Farming AS, a subsidiary of the SalMar Group,  is building a fish farm pilot facility, Ocean Farm 1, near the island of Froya, offshore Norway, which is fully automated to eliminate heavy manual operations, deemed to be the largest fish farm worldwide. It will be positioned in Frohavet, off the Trøndelag coast in the second half of this year.

According to the company, Ocean Farm 1 will usher in a new era in the history of salmon farming. It is based on the best that the Norwegian aquaculture and offshore technology sectors have to offer, and resolves many of the issues relating to sustainable growth that the aquaculture industry is facing.

Ocean Farm 1 is the world’s first offshore salmon farm. It builds on the same fundamental principles as the semisubmersible installations used by the offshore oil and gas sector. The project is an interdisciplinary partnership between leading Norwegian aquaculture and offshore companies and centres of expertise.

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