ACG Science &Technology Missions

The Aquaculture Communications Group (ACG) specializes in planning, coordinating logistics, and leading missions to any region of the world where aquaculture is being practised.

After you have done your research, read all the reports, and made all the phone calls and emails, you may still want to see things for yourself. We understand this and we can help. Via our global network of contacts, we can develop itineraries for you to travel to any place in the world to meet with knowledgeable people, discuss projects, tour facilities, gather local information, video record important features, and provide you with a multimedia record of your visit.

Before you go, we will help to identify your key objectives for the mission, whom you want to meet with, what facilities you want to visit, what information you wish to obtain, and what particulars you wish to record in photo, digital audio and/or digital video format. If we accompany you on the mission, we will provide the multimedia services (photo, digital audio and/or digital video) as well as function as facilitator and guide as part of the package.

We will also help with any follow-up needs that you may identify after arriving back home because we know that all the questions you have don’t always get asked when you are on-site.

Missions are normally information rich experiences that can overwhelm one at times, which is why we suggest recording activities and discussions (if everyone is agreeable) so that you can review and digest all that you have seen and heard when you are back in your office or in the comfort of your home. We want you to have the maximum benefit from your mission, and value for your money.

Do you have somewhere that you want to go to learn from the aquaculture innovators?

Contact us, we can help you!