Aquaculture Industry Voices

The Aquaculture Communications Group (ACG) has launched a project to capture the experience of veteran industry members in their own words and use high definition video and the Internet to carry their messages to the global community.

ACG funded the first round of interviews. A total of nineteen industry veterans with a wide range of personal experiences in different parts of the world were interviewed during Aquaculture America 2013 in Nashville, Tennessee. Each was asked four questions: 1) what attracted you to aquaculture, 2) what kept you interested (some would say addicted), 3) what significant developments have you participated in or observed, and 4) what do you think about the future of aquaculture as we move into the 21st century. Hear and see what they said by clicking on View Interview below.

ACG started this project without any external funding because we believed in the importance of the project. It has taken longer than planned to complete the first round because we could only work on the project in between other commitments.

To ensure the ongoing success of this project and to continue recording the stories of other industry veterans, we are seeking your financial support. There are substantial costs involved in producing these interviews, which is why we make use of the major aquaculture conferences and tradeshows to record these interviews.

You can help this project to succeed and ensure that the valuable knowledge and experience of aquaculture industry veterans is preserved for the future by becoming a sponsor. The more sponsors we have, the more interviews we will be able to record and post on the Web, and the more people will be able to learn from these interviews, as well as come to appreciate why we are all so passionate about the growth of this important industry.

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Tor-Eddie Fossbakk, Senior Consultant, Founding Partner
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Trailer movie
Aquaculture Industry Interviews Trailer


Sebastian Bell
Sebastian Belle, Maine Aquaculture Association, Maine, USA

View interview

Craig Browdy
Craig Browdy, Ziegler Brothers Inc., South Carolina, USA

View interview

Kevin Fitzsimmons
Kevin Fitzsimmons, University of Arizona, Arizona, USA

View interview

Grace Karreman
Grace Karreman, Pacific Marine Veterinary Services, British Columbia, Canada

View interview

Michael New
Michael New, Retired, FAO/Founder AwF, United Kingdom

View interview

John Nickum
John Nickum, Retired, US Fish & Wildlife Service, Colorado, USA

View interview

Myron Roth
Myron Roth, BC Ministry of Agriculture, British Columbia, Canada

View interview

Dallas Weaver
Dallas Weaver, Retired, Scientific Hatcheries, California, USA

View interview