David Little

David LittleDave Little is a teacher and researcher within the Sustainable Aquaculture Group at the Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling, Scotland. He has 30 years experience working in tropical aquaculture with a career focus on Asia. He is currently the Professor of Aquatic Resource Development through which he is coordinating a range of different research and educational programmes. He maintains a particular interest in hatchery systems development, maintaining his interest in both intensive and small-holder-orientated tilapia hatchery techniques he developed earlier in his career; he has published widely in this area in addition to working with both private sector and developmental organisations to commercialise and scale-up the outcomes.

Current research initiatives include a large coordinated research project funded by the EU aiming to enhance the sustainability of international trade in farmed fish and shellfish, assessment of Vietnam’s Pangasius sector, and the integrated production of sea cucumber in shrimp systems in Thailand. He spent more than 15 years based in Thailand, much of it at the Asian Institute of Technology, and continues to work with this organisation, its’ partners and alumni around the Region. In recent years he has been involved in developing and delivering post-graduate Distance Learning programmes with several partners in Asia, a process that is currently being expanded globally.

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