Kevin Fitzsimmons

Kevin FitzsimmonsDr. Kevin Fitzsimmons is a Professor and Extension Specialist of Environmental Science at the University of Arizona, teaching, conducting research and extension work in tilapia aquaculture. His research and extension work have focused on integration of aquaculture and agriculture. He has developed aquaponics systems for tilapia and vegetables and polyculture systems to rear tilapia and shrimp.

Dr. Fitzsimmons is a Past President of the World Aquaculture Society and the second chairman of the global charity, Aquaculture without Frontiers. He has co-chaired the last six International Symposia on Tilapia in Aquaculture (ISTA’s) and serves are the Sec.-Tres. of the American Tilapia Association. He currently has projects in China, Thailand, Myanmar, Brunei, Pakistan, Kenya and Mexico.

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